Energy Brain Cloud is the NEW, browser-based software that allows you to view and manage via a web browser on various devices such as PC, tablet, smartphone data and measures acquired by Electrex instruments.
Starting from version 4.0 its also possible to control the devices and send commands.
The cloud computing technology makes possible to manage the collected data via a standard Internet browser without installing any software on the user's computer or mobile device.
Energy Brain Cloud can run in a local machine, installed in a third party web server or offered as a service.

Energy Brain Cloud is composed of an instrument panel (dashboard) in which it is possible to manage several functions. The basic elements of the dashboard are graphical components called widgets. Through the widgets the user can view, among instantaneous and historical values , states (on / off), alarms, etc.. using standard or custom graphical interfaces.

CONTACT US to get the login credentials for the demo version of Energy Brain Cloud 4.0
with live and historical data acquired from various Electrex instruments installed in our headquarters.

The dashboard

The user can select the Widget with the desired measures and compose their own personalized dashboard.
The widgets can be organized in multiple tabs with editable titles.

Tab showing a chart on the energy consumption and the relative cost in EUR.

Tab containing: a widget with live data and customized graphics (icon-background), a graph with the supply and return water temperature of a boiler and a heat pump, a widget with the graph related to the gas consumption.

Tab containing a scenario widget obtained using a background image upon which are placed  instantaneous measurements (energy, temperature, lux, etc.); a widget showing the humidity measurement; a widget with a customized icon showing the CO2 concentration value; a widget for the ambient temperature;  a widget with the graph of the energy consumed from the lighting system and the relative operating hours  of the lights.

The Menù

In order to compose the dashboard, the user has at its disposal the following menu:

The menu allows to:

Create, change position by dragging and configure the widgets. It's possible also to set alarms/notifications (graphical / on display or audio type) triggered by a value threshold monitoring. 

Every widget previously moved to the Trash can be restored or removed definitively.

Using the menu on the right side, the administrator has access to the user management section. The standard users, if previously enabled from the admin, can edit the dashboard and the widgets.

The widgets

The widgets can display the measurements retrieved by all the Electrex instruments: electricity, temperature, humidity, luminosity, gas, water, steam, CO2, compressed air, calories, etc., or values calculated starting from a measurement (e.g. cost of energy in Euro).

There are three types of widgets:

1- Measure

The Measure widgets show instantaneous measurements, total counters, alarms, status (On/Off). It is possible to choose between three widget types: Gauge, Analog counter and Custom Background. The last one allows to upload a jpg, png and gif image and use it as the widget's  background.

2 - Graphs

The Graph widgets display graphs with historical data retried from the Electrex devices.

All the data displayed on the graph are listed in a table positioned below the graph and can be exported in a CSV file.

3 - Scenario

In the Scenario widgets it is possible to upload an image (jpg, png and gif) and use it as a background on which are overlaid tooltips showing measurements from Electrex devices. The tooltips can be positioned just by "drag and drop" permitting to set up a mimic diagram.

Energy Brain Cloud Set-up Commands

Command configuration menu

Energy Brain Cloud Mimic diagram with commands

Widget Scenario with measure tooltips and  command buttons

Energy Brain Cloud Mimic diagram with tooltips

Widget Scenario with measure tooltips on building plant

Energy Brain Cloud Mimic diagram with tooltips, commands, alarm notification

Widget Scenario with measure tooltips and alarm notification related to production line

The interactive modality of the Graph widget

Clicking on the zoom icon it is possible to enter in the interactive modality of the Graph widget.

Daily temperature (°C) and humidity(%)graph

Weekly electricity (kWh per each tariff) graph

Monthly energy costs (in Euro per each tariff) graph

Weekly gas consumption graph(mc)

Daily graph on the Key Performance Indicator - KPI of a heat pump

Daily graph of the energy production of a PV system with the relative baseline

Monthly graph and the relative table of samples of the energy consumed and the budget forecast

Within the interactive modality it is possible to:

Show or hide the curves displayed on the graphs.

Change the time period to which the data refer and their grouping unit (hours, days, weeks, months, years).

Display through tooltip the value displayed on the graph.

Supply Water temperature (°C)  of a heat pump

‘Zoom’ on the graph area / bars.

Zoom on the irradiance (w/mq) value measured in a PV system

Export the data in CSV files.

Costs of  electricity (Euro) per each month

4 - Pages

In the Pages widget it is possible to display standard pages (for e.g. the configuration or the historical chart) or custom pages (customized graphics and data) running in the web server on-board of the Electrex Net series devices.

Energy Brain Cloud - Pages widget

Widget Pages displaying the historical Charts page running in the on-board web server of a Net device.

Multi-user interface

Energy Brain Cloud allows multi-user through an authentication interface. Each user can access only the data that has been enabled by the system administrator.


Energy Brain Cloud can be used in three modalities:

  • The software is installed at the facility of the end user, where is installed also the Electrex energy monitoring network, and manages it autonomously.
  • As a service managed by third parties: a third party (Energy Consultants, Energy Service Company, associations, etc.) installs and manages Energy Brain Cloud at its facility and offers to its end customers / partners access to their data as a service.
  • As a service managed by Electrex: we take care to download the data from the instruments, of the Electrex monitoring network, installed at the end users facility and put them at their disposal as a service.

CONTACT US to get the login credentials for the demo version of Energy Brain Cloud 4.0
with live and historical data acquired from various Electrex instruments installed in our headquarters.

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